While I was taking photographs at The Butchart Gardens, this bee decided to claim a flower for its own…..

Butterfly Sundries specializes in original scenic photography, handmade wearable art and handcrafted artisanal jewelry for discerning clients who want their purchasing power and shopping choices to help create a more beautiful world. Designs are developed, made by hand in the USA and shipped with environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices.

Founded by Rebekka, in 2008, Butterfly Sundries seeks to sell art which not only inspired beauty but also facilitates its preservation and cultivation. To that end, 10% of sale profits are always donated to non-profits which whelp to beautify our wold in various ways (education, environmental preservation, social justice, community arts, etc.). Information on those charities is always fully disclosed to clients on ButterflySundries.com.

A Note from Rebekka~

I started making handmade wearable art in (or around) 1996. I love telling stories and conveying feelings, ideas or images through various mediums (including drawing, photography, mixed-media, metalwork, bead work, etc.). Every jewelry item I make is handmade, and every component or mark on an item I make ‘from scratch’ is intentional to my vision for that piece.

As a ‘spoonie’ artist (an artist with disabilities), I am very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had in my life, and I want to share whatever success I’ve had (which I could not have had without the support of others) and support charities in their endeavors- especially those who do good work to support education, social justice, communities, etc.. I want to help make the world better and more beautiful with more than beautiful pieces of jewelry; I want to make things that make a difference on a larger scale. That’s why it’s so important to me that I always have a featured charity and donate, at minimum, 10% of all my monthly profits to that charity.

To do my part, a portion of the proceeds from each delightful handcrafted item is donated to my Featured Charity. Items that are part of one of my current Inspired Collections also donate to the charity which inspired the collection, in addition to the 10% which goes to support the current Featured Charity. And because I believe trust, transparency and authenticity are essential to good relationships, I always make the information available about what cause(s) purchases will support available to my customers on ButterflySundries.com. If beauty is as beauty does, let what beauty I create make a difference to others.


Butterfly Sundries

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