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Butterfly Sundries’ New Website!

I finally grew tired of seeing “Launch new website for Butterfly Sundries” at the top of my to-do list that I was able to get over the fact that what I have isn’t “perfect”…!

In high school I took a computer repair and electronics class…. and I decided then and there I was technologically cursed- very few of the things I created actually worked (luckily, even my teachers couldn’t figure out why… so I often got good grades in spite of my bad luck).But, I am not a techie; my brain simply doesn’t think that way.

In my youth, it was my mom running circles around me when it came to computer lingo and savvy. Me? I was the one fixing the locks and mechanical pencils which she had broken and given up on. I need something tangible that I can put my hands on- if I can’t touch it, feel it, see how it works in concrete application….. it leaves my brains in knots!

Well, I suppose that’s why I became an artist.

It’s not perfect and there are still several bugs I’m trying to work out, but it’s finally up! Enjoy! In the meantime, I’ll continue to put up more information and photos of current and past projects, fixing bugs as I figure them out. 🙂

Also… I apparently now have the option of maintaining a blog. But, I’ve never had one before. I’m taking suggestions and ideas on what you’d like to read about… Chime in!

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