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Crystal Fire Necklace

FSandSSN and Earrings on White
This handmade Butterfly Sundries necklace design reminds me of the inner flame and spark within all of us. I think of phoenixes rising from the ashes or the warm glow and potential of fire embers.

Phoenixes, fire embers, a person’s inner spark or flame; I love the imagery of all of them. I like the idea that fire has the potential to ignite, drive or fuel our passions- but I also know that, sometimes, our inner flames can burn down to embers if we don’t tend to our own needs. With this new Etsy design, I wanted to capture the light of fire through the ages- past, present and future.

The three Swarovski drops on the necklace remind me of the people who have helped to reignite my inner flame when I’ve forgotten my path. It also reminds me of the life-journey; sometimes we burn bright, sometimes we don’t- but always we have the spark of potential.

In my life, I have always striven to be a “light-bearer”… but there are have been times I have forgotten to tend to my inner flame; my fire burned down to embers. To all those persons in my life who have inspired me and been kind enough to help reignite my passions when I have forgotten my own potential- I thank you.

You can now find this necklace (and the matching earrings) in Butterfly Sundries’ shop on Etsy!

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