Featured Charity Spotlight Program

Featured Charity Spotlight Program

Every four months Butterfly Sundries’ chooses a new 501c3 non-profit to be the “Featured Charity”.  But what does that mean, exactly?

When a charity is put in the Spotlight, it means a number of different things:

  • For the four months that charity is featured they receive 10% of all Butterfly Sundries’ monthly profits (including website, Esty, consignment, private and commission sales).
  • As much as I can, I try to increase awareness about that non-profit and their programs via my Facebook page and website.
  • During that four month period I design and create a number of items for my inventory, “inspired” by their programs to form a “mini-Collection.”
  • The mini-Collection inspired by their programs will remain available for 1 year from the date at which the charity is first featured; during that year, a portion of the proceeds of those items continue to go to support the charity which inspired them- even after the charity is no longer featured in the Spotlight.


Preference is given to charities which have an active online presence, are willing to cross-promote to their already existing base of supporters and do work related to education, social justice, environmental preservation, the arts or other like causes.  If you are associated with a non-profit which would like to be one of my upcoming Featured Charities, please contact me with information about your organization and ask for more information.


*In 2018, following an extended sabbatical, Butterfly Sundries took the opportunity to modify the Spotlight program from three months to four months. The Spotlights now run January-April, May-August, September-December.



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