Featured Charity: Haunting Ellensburg

A long-forgotten windmill still provides inspiration...
A long-forgotten windmill still provides inspiration…

Haunting Ellensburg is my September-December 2018 Featured Charity!

Haunting Ellensburg is program of Kron, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit which specializes in interactive educational demonstrations. Through Haunting Ellensburg they are bringing the old west history of their location (Ellensburg, WA) to life for the public through a fun, engaging and terrifying haunted attraction! Many of their scenes for their upcoming programs will tie in to local history and folklore, courtesy of their partnership with the Kittitas County Historical Museum.

It’s been my personal privilege to volunteer with this organization for several years, and I am excited about the opportunity Haunting Ellensburg will create for artistic, dramatic and even ghoulish youth to become more involved in their local community as their programs continue to evolve.

Their inspired mini-line:

For Haunting Ellensburg, I’m bringing back a line of jewelry (The Terrors Collection) inspired by the things which chill us to our bones, send shivers up our spines, and give us late night terrors. Each item purchased from the Terrors Collection will send 10% of the sale profits to support Haunting Ellensburg (through August 2019)!

Haunting Ellensburg is a returning Featured Charity, having been sponsored consecutive years (2014-2017).


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