Featured Charity: GirlVentures

GirlVentures is my December-February 2013 Featured Charity!



One of the first designs in the Triskelion Collection, supporting GirlVentures.
One of the first designs in the Triskelion Collection, supporting GirlVentures.

They are a 501c3 non-profit based out of San Francisco, CA with a mission to empower adolescent girls to develop and express their strengths. They envision a world in which girls and women are actively engaged in the leadership of thriving communities strengthened by diversity, civic engagement, healthy choices and environmental responsibility.


GirlVentures has over 4,000 alumnae from the Bay Area. Many of them have now graduated from college, started jobs, and even started families. For more information about their programming, please see their website.

Now in her twenties, alumnae Jocelyn Wong gave back to the program that gave her so much. Here are here words, as relayed to me by GirlVentures:

“I wanted to donate to your organization because I have experienced firsthand the great work this organization does. I am an alumni from Project Courage in 1997, the first trip, with Elizabeth and Megan, when it was called Bay Area Girls Center (BAGC). The trip was well over 15 years ago (wow, it’s been that long). That experience has definitely impacted my life in a positive light. I remember going through those awkward years of being a shy, easily intimidated, and reserved girl. My experience with project courage, and then later as an assistant instructor in high school, really influenced me in developing a maturity and confidence I wasn’t sure I had. This building block helped cement a strong positive foundation within me as I got older assisting me throughout my life, from high school to college in San Diego, to living in China teaching English to graduate school in NYC, to right now with my life in Seattle.

I wanted to donate for a full scholarship for project courage, but unfortunately I have dreaded grad school loans. So instead I can offer a partial one. See, I went on project courage on a scholarship and if I didn’t get one I would have never gone on the trip. I wanted to give this organization a small token of my appreciation. Elizabeth and Megan and my experience with the organization were fantastic and will not be forgotten.

All in all, I know this organization does amazing work and can definitely help transform lives, as I’m a living example of it. I’m happy with the choices I’ve made in life, am deeply fulfilled with an amazing job I love, and looking forward to the future. So continue doing the great work and a very hearty thank you.”

Their inspired mini-line:

For GirlVentures’ jewelry items, I wanted a visual representation of the beauty and empowerment of women throughout their lives- and I found just the symbol I was looking for in the Triskelion (also known as the triskele, triple spiral & Celtic triple spiral).


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