Featured Charity: Knights of Veritas

Knights of Veritas is my December-February 2016 Featured Charity!

Crusaders Helmet
This copper pendant, part of my Knights Collection for Knights of Veritas, is inspired by a helmet, often called a Great Helm, from the Middle Ages; it is commonly associated with Crusader knights. These helmets were in use from the early 13th Century through the late 14th, with some slight changes to form.

Knights of Veritas is a 501c3 non-profit which specializes in interactive educational demonstrations of medieval arms, armour, combat, knighthood and chivalry. They give the facts about the middle ages, based on solid data and archeological evidence- rather than continuing the myths and misconceptions many of us have grown up with from movies, games and even books. Traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest with their faithful replicas of arms and armour, they also bring the only traveling medieval artifact museum exhibit in the area to their presentations- which includes genuine armour from the Middle Ages!

It’s been my personal privilege to volunteer with this organization for several years, and I am proud to support them in any way I can. For more information about their programs, please visit their website.

Their inspired mini-line:

For Knights of Veritas, I created a line of jewelry (The Knights Collection) which celebrates the knights of history, both in the the historical (factual) sense and also in relation to the myths and stories which inspired them.  Each item purchased from the Knights Collection in my Etsy store comes with a medieval fact, most related in some manner to the item purchased.

Knights of Veritas is a returning Butterfly Sundries Featured Charity; they were featured in 2012 and 2013 as well, with a different inspired collection for one of those years.

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