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Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

To all of Butterfly Sundries’ friends, fans, patrons and admirers (along with everyone else)…. I wish you the happiest of holidays, filled with friendship, love, companionship and family (whether blood relation or not). I thank each and every one you for your support of my business during this holiday season!

Now, that being said, I also understand the holidays can be a difficult time for many of us. Our commercialized society is great at building up often-impossible expectations of how the holidays are supposed to be…. while reality often differs from the fantasy we’ve learned to idealize. For all of us who have realities which differ from what we think the holidays should be or mean…. I invite you to join me in my Christmas tradition.

This Christmas or Yule, join me in letting go of all expectations of what a perfect Christmas should be– and let’s create our own meaning. Do something which makes you feel happy (even if it means avoiding people who make you miserable). Spend time in silence and ponder what would create meaning for you. What have you been putting off? What have you been saying you would do if you only had the time? How can you make the day of someone else a little brighter?

Love to cook? Prepare a nice elaborate meal for yourself, even if you are alone! Know someone who is home-bound or without family? Invite them to join you (or save some leftovers for them)! If you have extras, why not share them with someone you know or have seen who would appreciate (or benefit from) a homecooked meal?

Need coffee? Thank your barista for working on the holiday, leave them an extra tip, and make sure to wish them a happy holiday (and only nice customers)!

Do you know someone who has lost a loved one or significant other in the past year? Consider giving them a call for Christmas to tell them that you’re thinking of them and wish them a happy holiday. Listen if they need to talk.

However you celebrate your holiday season, I hope you share your joy and light with others. The holiday is just a day on the calendar; you create the meaning with the choices you make the the actions you choose. Whatever your personal, spiritual, cultural or religious inclinations- I hope you make this day a good one, for yourself and others.

And remember, when all else fails, two of the best gifts I can ever recommend giving to those you meet are your undivided attention (time) and a genuine smile (joy). In fact, I think it’s time I got back to the quality time with my household (actually, I’m writing this early- so I expect I’ll still be sleeping when this finally posts).

Happy Holidays! Wherever you are, and wherever you go- travel safe & bring joy to everyone you meet!
Happy Holidays! Wherever you are, and wherever you go- travel safe & bring joy to everyone you meet!
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