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Large Siren Copper Necklace

Siren Necklace

Have you ever wondered what a beautiful siren would wear as a necklace? I imagine this beautiful woman, confident and self-assured, wearing a necklace which capture the beauty around her, her personal journey… and also which represents her longing for the sailor for whom she sings her haunting song.

In this beautiful necklace I chose to represent the strength of the sailor for whom she sings with the carefully crafted large copper naval knot pendant, strung on leather cording. Then, I adorned the knot pendant with objects the siren might find symbolic of her journey: shells, wood (perhaps from boats which did not survive the journey to her), and bone (perhaps from unworthy past loves, or men who never made it to her).

This beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace is crafted for the gorgeous woman who has loved, lost, and has found within herself the courage to love again. It is lovingly crafted for a woman of such strength that she knows no matter how many loves in her past, for good or bad, her beauty and inner mystery can never be diminished… and that there is no physical adornment which can ever outshine her.

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