60mm Handmade Etched Copper Paw Print French Hair Barrette – Fur Babies Collection


60mm French Hair Barrette with an Etched Paw Print Design on Copper or Brass



Do you love animals? Do you ever feel like you have paw prints all over you, declaring your pet’s claim on your heart? Do you have a cat that is always playing with your long hair? This etched paw print hair clip might be just for you! The copper plate is just shy of 3 inches long and a little more than 1 inch wide on a 60 mm nickle-plated, lead-free french barrette. Part of Butterfly Sundries’ exclusive Fur Babies Collection, this design was inspired by a former Featured Charity.

It was cut from sheet metal, filed, and cleaned. Then an ooak design was drawn by hand onto the surface before it was placed in the etching solution. Cleaned, painstakingly hammered into shape and work hardened by hand, it was then drilled and riveted onto a 60mm per-fabricated french barrette mount (nickle plated and lead-free). Antiqued and polished, this hair clip has a rustic charm which will bring you joy for years to come!

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Copper, Brass


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