I met my knight between the covers Etched Copper Bracelet – Bookworm Collection


Do you love old romance novels? Do you find yourself reading old books about knights and dragons for enjoyment or inspiration? Do you have an almost-devilish sense of humor? You just might love this brand new original design!

I read a lot of romance and fantasy novels as a child. And, as a pastor’s brat there were lots of things I wasn’t supposed to do or say… but I discovered the use of a double entendre could often satisfy my personal need to create mischief or rebel. Of course, I always ensured that- should the need arise- I could point to the completely innocent origins of my statement; to keep with that practice I included shelves of books on the ends of the design (an easy disclaimer you may use, if needed, for those you encounter with sensitive dispositions or concerns about propriety).

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Quick Facts:

The bracelet length is approximately six inches, and the width of the cuff is a little more than one inch. This original Butterfly Sundries design was created to celebrate old romance novels with imperfect printing.

The Story:

This adjustable cuff bracelet is cut from copper sheet metal, filed and cleaned. Then the ooak design was rendered by hand onto the surface before it was placed in the etching solution. Cleaned, gently hammered into shape, treated with two environment-friendly (one was a darkener, the other adds the green aging effect on the edges) patinas, and polished, this cuff bracelet has an antiqued charm which will bring you joy for years to come!

Copper does, of course, over time develop an attractive patina of its own. This is part of the beauty of the material. The bracelet does have a thin protective layer of wax to protect it, but expect the natural aging effect to develop gradually. (Occasional polishing will counteract it, if you want to preserve its current state.)

From beginning to end, this item is handmade with love… with all the attention you deserve!

This item comes with a FREE gift box, for your gift-giving pleasure!

As always, 10% of the profits from the sale of this item goes to support my current Featured Charity!


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