Sleeping Tree Earrings


Handmade acid etched Sleeping Tree Earrings are made in copper or brass are made-to-order and measure at about .75 inch from the base of the handmade earring hook; their width is about .5 inch.



On a recent road trip with my sweetheart I found my inspiration for this design. The sleeping winter trees, which have withdrawn into themselves until the time is right to bud with their potential, are beautiful in their promise. They remind me that this season of dark cold shall pass. Spring will come again and the sleeping creatures shall awaken. I hope you find as much hope in the sleeping trees as I do.

Made from copper or brass sheet metal, these earrings have been cut to size, had their rough edges smoothed, and then they were polished. The designs were hand-drawn before being gently placed into an acid bath which ate away the undesired portions. Once taken from the bath they were washed, antiqued to bring out the beauty revealed by their ordeal, holes were drilled to allow them to be worn, and then they were polished. Hanging on handmade earring hooks made of 22g wire, every portion of these earrings show handmade craftsmanship.

Copper and brass do, of course, over time develop an attractive patina. This is part of the beauty of the materials. The earrings do have a thin protective layer of wax to protect them, but expect the beautiful patina to gradually appear.

A Butterfly Sundries’ original design, you won’t find these elsewhere.

From beginning to end, this item is handmade with love… with all the attention you deserve!

*Please note: the earrings you receive, though the same design as what is pictured, may have slight variations from the one you see in the photos. Each design is hand rendered and the acid eats away at the metal edges differently each time. The wire work is done for each individually, each metal piece is cut separately… Each set sold is one-of-a-kind amazing and just as unique as its owner. 🙂

This item comes with a FREE white gift box, for your gift-giving pleasure!

Additional information

Weight .09 oz
Metal Type

Copper, Yellow Brass


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