Triangle Copper Bless Pendant with Authentic Antique Silver Coin, Garnet and Hematite


The pendant measures at a about 1.75 inches, including the coin drop; it’s width is about 1.25 inch at the widest point. The necklace length is about 18 inches, princess length, including the handmade clasp.

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I’ve always loved the idea of jewelry pieces with story or meaning. Some people wear jewelry with prayer boxes, others wear charms with great symbolism, and many choose stones based on their attributed powers or meaning. While most of my designs revolve around a central story or idea, I wanted to create a few pieces which represent a deep wish or prayer for the client who wears it while still embodying a sense of history and continuity of time.

This necklace/pendant represents my wish for the prosperity of its new owner (maybe you?). The etched copper pendant features the word “bless” in Arabic calligraphy. The stones, hematite and garnet, are chosen for their historically attributed symbolism or powers. And, the antique silver coin was chosen both for its value and also for they symbolism of wealth passing from one person to another during the passing of the ages. This Butterfly Sundries original design is also a beautiful way to share your love of history, or even your heritage, with the world!

Made from copper sheet, this pendant has been cut to size, had its rough edges smoothed, and then it was polished. The design you see is of the word “Bless,” written in Arabic calligraphy; it was was hand-drawn, and then gently placed into an acid bath which ate away the undesired portions. Once taken from the bath it was washed, antiqued to bring out the beauty revealed by its ordeal, and holes were drilled. After it was polished I strung it on a prefabricated copper chain, all the other connections are handmade with copper wire. From the bottom of the copper triangle pendant hangs an antique silver coin, securely wrapped with copper wire.

About the coin:
A private collector has been kind enough to sell me a number of antique coins to transform into wearable art- making history more accessible to everyone. These genuine silver coins come from one of the batches I acquired of tentatively identified 17th-18th Century silver coins, from Turkey and Egypt. They came to me with the holes already in them. No work whatsoever- aside from putting wire through the already existing hole(s)- has been done to these coins. They are as I obtained them. Even the patina has been preserved, as it often enhances both the character and the value of the coins.

About the stones:
Hematite is believed by many to be a grounding stone and an ideal tool to assist in manifestation, or bringing one’s aspirations and dreams into reality (it is also supposed to help in learning to distinguish between fantasy and vision). It is said to be helpful in creating union between spiritual and physical realities.

Garnet has historically been believed to be a tool for making things of the imagination become realized in the physical world.

Copper does, of course, over time develop an attractive patina. This is part of the beauty of the material. It does have a thin protective layer of wax to protect it, but expect the patina to develop over time.

An added bonus of this wire-wrapping technique is that it allows for both sides of the coin to be viewed and enjoyed, without the details being obscured by wire. Also, because the wire-wrapping technique was done to fit this coin (which already had holes punched through it), you don’t have to worry about your coin having been damaged to fit the setting!

From beginning to end, this item is handmade with love… and all the attention you deserve!

This item comes with a FREE white gift box, for your gift-giving pleasure!

As always, 10% of the profits from the sale of this item goes to support my Featured Charity!


*The historical, spiritual, metaphysical, etc. attributes of the stones used in this jewelry art is used in a symbolic sense only. No guarantees are offered or implied about the quality of the stones or how the will or will not work for you in your own life. I have used them in this piece as symbols of the blessings for prosperity I wish for the wearer.


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