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Silver Delights

Silver and Copper Nautical and Climber's Knot Ring, an original Butterfly Sundries design
Silver and Copper Nautical and Climber’s Knot Ring, an original Butterfly Sundries design

While the vast majority of my designs are always available in silver (by custom order), in preparation for the holidays I’m making some of my favorite original wire designs in silver ahead of time (both as samples of my work and also for sale). Some will be available on Etsy, others through the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center. The difficulty is in choosing which pieces to focus on!

I’ve chosen a few of my favorite items from the Tendrils of the Vine Collection, and I’m sure one of the silver naval/climber’s knot rings will show up…. but after that my brain freezes.  I simply can’t decide.

(Taking suggestions and requests!)

What I have decided, though, is to explore the possibility of making select etched-silver designs available in-time for the holidays. After numerous requests for the option, it’s time to meet the demand. And for those pieces…. I already have grand plans in development!

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