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Springing into Creativity!

I feel so happy with the longer days returning! During the winter months, especially with a weak immune system and seasonal affective tendencies, I lean toward hibernation and self-isolation through mid-March. Now that the temperatures here are finally on a warming trend and the flowers are beginning to bud, I’m beginning to feel like I might return to the land of the living.


This past weekend marked the second time since winter that I’ve actually felt a personal motivation to go outside and work a little in the yard. Clearing away dead branches and leaves which had fallen since the last autumn day of yard work, trimming some of the plants which got out of control last year (Virginia Creeper was getting into lots of unapproved locations)… my partner and I even decided on the placement of our three flower pots (we’re still debating about what kind of flowers we’ll plant in them.


It seems like every time I look out my window or go to enjoy some fresh air in my yard I find new inspiration for Butterfly Sundries’ Beautiful World Collection. Budding flowers are so pretty! I can’t help but take out my sketchbook and use them as inspiration for etching designs. The challenge I have is not being able to identify the flowers!


These are the first flowers which have shown up in my yard this spring; they are my current inspiration for a new pendant design!

These are my first flowers of spring and my current source of inspiration... I just wish I knew what kind they are!
These are my first flowers of spring and my current source of inspiration… I just wish I knew what kind they are!


There are lots of new floral designs coming to Butterfly Sundries Beautiful World Collection (which supports Weed Warriors, the Featured Charity through May 2014)! Keep an eye out for them on Etsy!

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