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Blessings for Prosperity

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I’ve always loved the idea of jewelry pieces with stories or meaning. Some people wear jewelry with prayer boxes, others wear charms with great symbolism, and many choose stones based on their attributed powers or meaning. While many (even most!) of my designs Continue reading Blessings for Prosperity

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The Sleeping Tree

Recently, while on a day trip with my sweetheart, I found myself momentarily overcome with feelings of sadness, loss and longing. It had been a great day- but looking out the window I was surrounded by a dark, drizzly winter day. Fog and bare trees were all around me and I longed for the warmth and color of spring. As I looked at the trees, seeing their limbs reaching for the hiding sun, I began to think of their sleeping potential- waiting for the right time to blossom.


This "Sleeping Tree" copper pendant is a brand new addition to Butterfly Sundries' new "Beautiful World" Collection!
This “Sleeping Tree” copper pendant is a brand new addition to Butterfly Sundries’ new “Beautiful World” Collection!

Our lives, I believe, mirror those of the natural world around us in many ways. We go through cycles of birth, growth, death and rebirth. And for those of us sensitive to the seasons, we feel the need to hoard, hibernate and await the appointed season to reemerge refreshed and rejuvenated- ready to blossom with our potential.


Nature is beautiful. The sleeping winter trees, which have withdrawn into themselves until the time is right to bud with their potential, are beautiful in their promise. They remind me that this season of dark cold shall pass. Spring will come again and the sleeping creatures shall awaken.

If you are in your dormant state this winter, get ready. There’s hope. There is light at the end of the darkness. And, it’s almost time for you to bloom.


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A snapshot of one of my photos, available through Butterfly Sundries, taken in the Okanogan Valley.
A snapshot of one of my photos, coming soon to Butterfly Sundries, taken in the Okanogan Valley.